Gnuveau offers supercomputing solutions, for when that dual Opteron just isn't enough horsepower. In fact, it may not be the right solution at all. With Gnuveau's Memome Parallel Computing Linux Kernel, and Debian GNU/Linux, your existing LAN becomes a powerful supercomputer, with every machine sharing its processor with the rest of the network. Combine the aggregate power of all your computers with the %30-40 performance gain on Intel/AMD x86 personal computers realized over competing operating systems on the some platform by using the highly efficient Debian GNU/Linux operating system, and you will quickly realize that the solution to your increasing computing power needs isn't in costly hardware replacement, but in using the right software. You probably already have the makings of a powerful supercomputer in your office, but only a fraction of it is being used, because the software that you are using is not designed to properly harness the full potential of your network. See what supercomputing can do for your business. Contact for more information about migrating your network to Debian/GNU Linux, and enjoying the advantages of Gnuveau's open source Memome parallel computing Linux kernel, as well as thousands of other open source software packages.