Gnuveau Networks has deep roots in the internet community. Gnuveau's research engineer has been a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force since 1998, bringing unquestionable technical expertise in all internet related matters directly from the source (no pun intended). Gnuveau also maintains direct relationships with the Internet Society a global organization dedicated to the growth and development of the internet, the GNU Project, pioneers in the open source/free software world, and the Debian Project, a leading distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. Having delivered solutions to Linux challenges on 6 continents, Gnuveau's team truly understands the global nature of the internet. But the internet is not all bits and baud, code and connections. It is about people, and how they communicate, interact, and do business. Realizing this, staff members of Gnuveau have been involved with the Internet Societal Task Force since very close to it's inception in early 2000. With networking experience ranging from major net junctions such as backbone convergance in Atlanta, Georgia to last mile wireless links to remote villages in India, Africa, and South America, Gnuveau has the internet, and the people of it connected.