All Software From Gnuveau Networks is released here under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence GPL

Memome Version 2.0

Memome is a special 2.4.20 GNU/linux kernel modified by GNUveau to add the following features:
Openmosix: networked parallel processing.
Migshm: Global Shared Memory extension to Openmosix.
Hostap: host based wireless access point capabilities.
IPSec: IP layer strong encryption.


Music is a script written to access an archive of mp3's from the unix shell. It offers random play, database creation and search capabilites, playlisting, and a few other interesting features.


Logcheck is a console application that writes apache log information to the console, and produces system beeps in close to realtime. Handy for watching traffic flow to a website.


Billing is an application for parsing server access logs. It outputs usage reports based on login totals.


Dnsupdate is an script that, combined with a few other pieces and parts, described in the code comments, allows a host to be its own authoritative DNS server on a dynamic IP.